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Nestled amongst the tall, whispering pines and majestic, cascading waters of the Madawaska River lays, a very small, intimate, smoke free, and country lodge and dining restaurant.


Couples Resort

Come and enjoy an intimate and refreshing experience. An interlude for two designed to rekindle the passion while connecting with nature. Here, we combine the ultra luxury of one of Canada's finest year round resorts with the remote wilderness of the majestic Algonquin Park.
"It is here that couples come to relax, embrace love and find the time to share an adventure."

The resort is situated on the shores of Galeairy Lake and the Madawaska River, with Algonquin Park as our back yard. The Village of Whitney is a short 15 minute walk away. We are encompassed with breathtaking wilderness, pure fresh air, secluded forests, pristine waters, an abundance of sunny days and a blanket of stars at night. This priceless peace and tantalizing tranquility is all yours for the taking.

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The Artists of Algonquin

Designed & Published by Andrea Hillo
Edited by Leonard Pizzey
Foreword by Robert Bateman

Contemporary Artists, Wild with Passion

artist of AlgonquinThere is within each of us, the desire to do the impossible. We want to make transient things permanent and ineffable experiences concrete. Through art we strive to share the inspiration and joy of a moment, to express perfection, and to reach for the ideal of beauty.

Whether they manipulate a camera, apply oil paint to canvas, shape malleable materials or use fabrics as a medium, all of the artists represented in this book find inspiration in the rugged beauty of the Algonquin region in Ontario, Canada.

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